Nipro introduces second-gen Cronus® HP PTA balloon catheter as a unique bridge of renal and vascular divisions

Nipro Medical Corporation (Nipro), a leading manufacturer and supplier of renal, vascular, and medical-surgical products, welcomes a second generation Cronus® HP PTA Balloon Catheter to the U.S.

Cronus® HP is a high pressure (HP) percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA) balloon catheter indicated for use in popliteal, femoral, iliac, and renal arteries and in the treatment of arteriovenous fistulas (AVF), with Cronus® HP serving as Nipro's "go-to" choice for vascular surgeons and interventional nephrologists in the repair and restoration of AVFs – the gateway of treatment for hemodialysis patients.

Proper blood flow is necessary for dialysis treatments to be effective and life-sustaining. "Vascular access complications happen, even with the greatest of care," says John O’Connor, Director of Vascular Sales, "so we’re here to ensure failed fistulas are transformed into functional fistulas."

Cronus® HP serves as a much-needed solution for graduated control angioplasty using a single balloon – ultimately helping vascular surgeons repair the access, ensuring increased AVF efficiency for optimal dialysis treatments.

"Cronus® HP signifies a unique bridge of two worlds within the Nipro product portfolio – renal and vascular," states Joe Dawson, Executive VP of Nipro Medical Corporation. The vascular division, newly established in April 2021, is quick to rise with already 9 products across 3 categories, including intravascular imaging.

Foundational to Cronus® HP:
  • strength, flexibility, and durability at high pressures
  • aids in using only one balloon during a procedure
  • facilitates entry across the lesion
  • helps minimize balloon dog boning and to address difficult stenoses (e.g. juxta-anastomotic)

As of summer 2022, second-gen Cronus® HP can be purchased standalone or together with AQUALiner® hydrophilic guidewire and GM-30 inflation device – products commonly used together. Nipro’s goal is to simplify the ordering process with a "one supplier, many devices" approach. Access to solutions, access to effective dialysis treatments – accessibility in the everyday made possible with the help of Nipro.

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