Nipro invites dialysis patients and clinicians to 'experience the difference' with SURDIAL™ DX

Nipro Medical Corporation (Nipro), a leading manufacturer and supplier of renal, vascular, and medical-surgical products, announces the commercial launch of SURDIAL™ DX Hemodialysis System to the U.S.

SURDIAL™ DX is a state-of-the-art hemodialysis system designed to create an optimal dialysis treatment experience for patients and clinicians. Manufactured in Japan, it draws from over 35 years of expertise in renal device innovation at Nipro’s parent company, Nipro Corporation.

SURDIAL™ DX was developed with key input from clinicians to offer patient-focused features for optimal performance, efficiency, and ergonomics. With its soft launch in late 2021, the U.S. team proudly rolls out the full-scale commercial release of SURDIAL™ DX to dialysis clinics nationwide.

Foundational to SURDIAL™ DX:

  • patient safety and comfort
  • ease of use and step-by-step guidance
  • streamlined automated processes
  • ergonomic design
  • supported by continuous clinical education

In addition to the machine’s performance and features, Nipro offers comprehensive services and an extensive training certification curriculum to support customers and to differentiate themselves among current dialysis systems in the U.S. Hence, Nipro’s invitation to "experience the difference" with SURDIAL™ DX for healthcare professionals and patients alike, and by making it “truly a ‘white glove’ experience," says Renata Zugaj, Director of the Medical Instrument Center in North America who led the project.

“SURDIAL™ DX is in full alignment with Nipro's long-term strategic initiative: to be America’s comprehensive solution provider for hemodialysis," commented Joe Dawson, Executive VP of Nipro Medical Corporation. With local manufacturing in Pennsylvania and supported by a global network of 60+ production sites, Nipro is indeed well-positioned to supply a full-scale renal portfolio to Americans – coupling SURDIAL™ DX together with their line of dialyzers, blood tubing sets, AVF needles, concentrates, solutions, vascular access management, and other renal accessories.

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