NiproSet™ Blood Tubing Set

For the right match and the right flow rate...the first time, every time. All NiproSet™ blood tubing sets are designed to enhance safety and efficiency, with all sets individually pre-labeled based on equipment compatibility. To help ensure the quality you expect, Nipro manufactures a complete line of tubing components, which are tested according to FDA guidelines.

The clear PVC tubing on NiproSet™ is designed to withstand pressure and manipulation without compromising flow rate accuracy and consistency, regardless of equipment used. All blood tubing sets are machine-specific; we invite you to consult a Nipro representative for more details. 

All NiproSet™ blood tubing sets come with the following features:

  • Medication ports – Large finger guard helps protect the user from accidental needlesticks; venous lines feature multiple medication ports for optimum versatility and choice in medication delivery
  • Color-coded clamps – Patient safety is enhanced with clamps that are color-coded for confident identification of the appropriate line
  • Transducer protectors – Clear throughout to meet CMS guidelines; engineered to maintain monitoring while decreasing exposure to the dialysis machine
  • Priming set – For use with the Nipro Dose-Saver Syringe
  • Drip chambers – Drip chambers feature a versatile medication port and, for an extra measure of safety, are anti-foaming to minimize splashing
  • Packed 24 blood tubing sets/case
  • All blood tubing sets are machine specific
  • Special Order Only Items - Please call Partner Solutions at (908) 393-7030 for more details

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Not Available in Canada
Special Order Only

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