Slimline® Blood Tubing

Connecting all the advantages you need: quality, simplicity, and safety, the Slimline® Blood Tubing Set has an innovative design that offers significant savings and delivers outstanding results.

Features and Benefits
  • A reduction in bloodline length results in a reduction in extracorporeal volume, allowing for less 0.9% Normal Saline to be used during priming and rinseback
  • Pre-attached priming set reduces set-up time
  • Detachable priming set that can be connected to patient's IV access - eliminating the need for an additional priming set
  • Shorter line results in more blood being processed through the dialyzer during treatment, improving outcomes
  • Shorter line results in less packaging and medical waste
  • Injecting the priming set spike cap - easily insert into any saline bag
  • Same machine configuration can be used - eliminates the need to reconfigure front modules
  • Packed 28 blood tubing sets/case

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Not Available in Canada

Fresenius 2008 Series/Pre-Pump Arterial Drip Chamber/8mm Pump Segment