IP-ECHO™ Handheld Ultrasound Imaging System


View, assess, and cannulate vasculature together with IP-ECHO™, an innovative handheld ultrasound imaging system and winner of the 2019 Good Design Award in Japan. Thanks to its user-friendly and compact design, IP-ECHO™ makes it easy to obtain vertical and horizontal "inside" views before, during, and after cannulation.

Increase success and reduce complications
  • Visualize the condition of the vasculature and evaluate its suitability for access
  • Ensure the precise assessment of the AV fistula, graft, and vasculature, as well as needle positioning
  • Achieve accurate, first-attempt cannulations by viewing the vessel at the point of cannulation

Product details
  • No additional viewing device or app required
  • No cables to get in the way
  • Maintain continuous access to the image throughout the procedure
  • Vertical and horizontal vascular views
  • Magnification feature and a depth range up to 3 cm
  • Freeze or unfreeze the image
  • Stand-by mode for fast and easy start up

Canadian Customers: Please visit Nipro Canada for information on ordering the IP-ECHO™ handheld ultrasound imaging system.

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IP-ECHO™ system (includes charging cradle and power cord)
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