Gentuity® HF-OCT Imaging System

The Gentuity HF-OCT Imaging system, powered by a host of cutting-edge features, makes coronary imaging faster, easier, and more powerful than ever. 

This mobile imaging console houses a 200 kHz high-frequency laser for next-generation OCT images and comes equipped with a Probe Interface Module (PIM) that connects the system to the Vis-Rx imaging catheter. Operating at 250 revolutions per second, with a choice of two pullback distances (50 or 100 mm) and speeds (1 or 2 seconds), you can achieve high resolution pullback images of up to 100 mm long in just one second. 

Thanks to its ergonomic design, the Gentuity HF-OCT Imaging Console is agile on the cath lab floor. The PIM clips onto the cath table rail, eliminating the need for bagging and saving space in the sterile field. The flexible user interface includes an intuitive touch screen and easy-to-use software application for high resolution intracoronary imaging.

The Gentuity HF-OCT Imaging System is compatible with the Gentuity Vis-Rx Micro-Imaging Catheter (G30-01). 

US Customers: Please contact your local Nipro representative or click "Request More Info" for inquiries and orders.

Non-US Customers: Please visit for information on ordering the Gentuity HF-OCT Imaging System in your country.

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Gentuity® HF-OCT Imaging System