Infraredx Clarispro™ HD-IVUS

Infraredx Clarispro™ HD-IVUS is the only extended bandwidth catheter available bringing you a crisper image and greater depth of field than any other HD-IVUS catheter on the market. Sharper images allow for easier identification of lumen, determining presence of plaque, and overall better visual of the vessel structure.

The impressive pushability, deliverability, and extended working length of the Infraredx Clarispro™ HD IVUS are ideal for peripheral use.

US Customers: Please contact your local Nipro representative or click "Request More Info" for inquiries and orders.

Non-US Customers: Please visit for information on ordering the Dualpro™ IVUS+NIRS Imaging Catheter Kit.

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Infraredx Clarispro™ 35-65 MHz HD-IVUS Catheter

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