OKAY® II Y-Connector

Control made easy: Maximum efficiency with minimal effort.
OKAY® II includes both a fixed and hemostatic valve with a large 10 Fr diameter and one-touch control that facilitates a variety of interventional devices, improving your workflow with minimal effort. Also available in a combination kit together with GM-30 inflation device to maximize convenience while minimizing waste. See combination configurations and availability below.

Single-handedly improving your workflow

  • One-touch control for single-hand operation and smooth, seamless control
  • A fixed and hemostatic valve in one device secures the devices in place
  • Minimizes blood loss during procedures
  • Elongated side port offers a secure grip between fingers

Maximum efficiency with minimal effort

  • 10 Fr inner lumen diameter for easy insertion of a variety of multi-device techniques
  • “Lock-open” feature to easily clear air and clotting in the system
  • Prevent loss of pressure with maximum 500psi pressure resistance*

US Customers: Please contact your local Nipro representative or click "Request More Info" for inquiries and orders.

Non-US Customers: Please visit www.infraredx.com for information on ordering the OKAY® II Y-Connector in your country.

*With fixed valve closed. Measurements were obtained without any devices inserted. Use of devices (including multiple devices) may result in instances whereby 500psi is not achieved.

Product Options

Product Code

OKAY® II Y-Connector Set
Y-Connector, Inserter, Torque Device
Available now

OKAY® II Y-Connector
Available now

OKAY® II Y-Connector Set
with 22 cm Extension Tube
Y-Connector, Inserter, Torque Device, Extension Tube (22 cm)
Available now

Combination Kit
YOK0A + GM-30N (inflation device, 3-way stopcock, 31 cm)
Summer 2022

Combination Kit
YOK0E + GM-30N (inflation device, 3-way stopcock, 31 cm)
Special Order

Combination Kit
YOK0A + GM-30NF (inflation device, 4-way stopcock, 31 cm)
Special Order

Combination Kit
YOK0E + GM-30NF (inflation device, 4-way stopcock, 31 cm)
Special Order