OKAY® II Y-Connector

The OKAY® II Y-Connector reduces blood loss during procedures through the use of a hemostatic valve not featured on conventional Y-connectors. Its large 3.33mm (10F) inner diameter facilitates a variety of interventional devices and techniques, and features a one-touch style hemostatic valve that can be locked in the open position to remove trapped air.

OKAY® II includes both a fixed and hemostatic valve. The inner lumen of 10F facilitates device insertion and is suitable for a variety of interventional cardiology devices, including stents and large rotational atherectomy burrs (2.5mm), and accommodates complex treatment techniques such as the Kissing Balloon Technique (KBT). 

US Customers: Please contact your local Nipro representative or click "Request More Info" for inquiries and orders.

Non-US Customers: Please visit www.infraredx.com for information on ordering the OKAY® II Y-Connector in your country.

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OKAY® II Y-Connector Set
Y-Connector, Inserter, Torque Device

OKAY® II Y-Connector

OKAY® II Y-Connector Set
with 22cm Tube
Y-Connector, Inserter, Torque Device, Extension Tube