GM-30 Inflation Device

The GM-30 Inflation Device offers efficient pressurization for a wide range of balloon sizes, designed with an ergonomic handle for comfortable application. The mechanical advantage of the release lever allows for quick deflation with minimal effort, while the easy-to-read numbers for volume and pressure readings and fluorescent display allow for greater visibility, even when viewing in darkened conditions.

Designed with you in mind, GM-30 features a 30 ATM pressure capacity with a 25 mL syringe volume (appropriate for use with larger sized balloons). Available in 3-way and 4-way stopcock positions with multiple tubing lengths (31 cm and 76 cm), GM-30 helps you address a variety of interventional procedures and techniques. 

US Customers: Please contact your local Nipro representative or click "Request More Info" for inquiries and orders.

Non-US Customers: Please visit for information on ordering the GM-30 Inflation Device in your country.

Product Options

Product Code

30atm/25ml GM-30 inflation device with 31 cm tube, and 3-way stopcock

30atm/25ml GM-30 inflation device with 76 cm tube, and 3-way stopcock

30ATM/25mL GM-30 inflation device with 31 cm tube, and 4-way stopcock

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